Practice Areas

Commercial Litigation

We specialize and have extensive experience in managing disputes and various and diverse legal proceedings in the field of commercial litigation, in various judicial tribunals and in arbitrations.

We believe that successful management of complex legal proceedings involves a thorough understanding of the legal field in question, preliminary planning of the legal strategy and careful clarification of the relevant facts, on the one hand; And in flexibility of thought and groundbreaking creativity on the other hand.

We strive to manage the legal proceedings for our clients in a way that will yield them the greatest benefit in the most efficient manner.

The legal proceedings managed by us deal with all areas of commercial litigation.

Among the types of procedures we deal with are – procedures related to contractual disputes; Procedures in the field of corporate and securities law; Control struggles in corporations and joint ventures and shareholders disputes; derivative claims; procedures concerning the liability of officers; veil lifting; disputes concerning company valuations; Petitions to the Supreme Court (especially in economic matters); various administrative procedures; class actions; procedures in the field of property and real estate law; procedures concerning projects in the fields of real estate; procedures relating to projects in the fields of energy and infrastructure; Procedures in the field of competition law (antitrust); Incorporations, dissolutions and bankruptcies; banking claims; procedures relating to tenders; Procedures related to property tax charges; Proceedings relating to liability and professional negligence; Claims for the collection of financial debts; employee claims; Procedures in the field of construction defects and more. Our office also has a special expertise in legal litigation procedures in the field of banking, guarantees and creditor arrangements of companies and individuals.

Ongoing Legal Consulting to Corporates and Business Clients

We accompany and provide ongoing legal advice to public and private corporations, diverse business ventures, and businesspersons.

As part of this activity, we accompany the day-to-day business activity of the corporation or businessperson in a regular and daily, close, and consistent manner, in accordance with the client’s needs.

We believe that the best legal accompaniment of a business activity requires an in-depth knowledge and full understanding of both the client’s business activity and the business environment in which it operates; and of the fields of law relevant to this activity, and the systems of law, regulation, and jurisprudence applicable to it.

The legal accompaniment activity carried out by us includes, among other things – legal assistance in the initiation and establishment of companies, partnerships, other corporations and joint ventures (founders’ agreements, investment agreements); Dealing with the regulation of the relations between the shareholders; accompanying the work of the board of directors; Accompanying the CEO of the company and the other levels of management in the company in their day-to-day work; giving opinions on issues related to the corporation’s activities; accompanying public companies in reporting to the Securities Authority and the Stock Exchange and dealing with regulators; preparing various agreements necessary for the corporation’s activity at all levels of control (such as: labor and contracting agreements, supplier agreements, Executive contractor agreements, cooperation agreements, representation and agency agreements, consulting agreements; customer agreements, etc.); preparation of various documents necessary for the corporation’s activities; accompaniment in dealing with various regulators and various administrative authorities (including: reports required by various authorities) and more.

Commercial Deals and Different Business Procedures

We specialize and have extensive experience in legal representation and support in complex transactions and diverse business processes of various types.

As part of this activity, we accompany, handle, and represent from the stage of planning the transaction, designing the outline of the transaction and its structure, managing the negotiations with the other party or parties, performing due diligence, preparing the transaction documents, and executing it.

Among the types of transactions and business processes in which we specialize are – mergers and acquisitions of companies, activities and assets of various types (M&A); establishment of companies, partnerships and joint ventures; Investment transactions of various types (including in the high-tech field); financing transactions of various types; Management of tender procedures of various types and legal advice and support of bidders in tenders; agreements for the performance of contractual works; EPC and O&M agreements. and more.

As part of dealing with transactions, we also deal with processes accompanying transactions, such as: obtaining required approvals and permits from administrative authorities, and various regulators.

In addition, within the framework of accompanying and handling various business processes, we specialize and have experience, among other things – in representation before various administrative authorities, institutions, and regulators; in accompanying various legislative and regulatory processes; in the conduct concerning the implementation and enforcement of various legal and administrative provisions.

Energy and Infrastructure

We specialize and have extensive experience in the field of energy and infrastructure. During the years we have engaged in this field, we have acquired significant expertise, extensive experience, and reputation in this field.

In the field of energy and infrastructure, we deal with transactions and projects, accompanying business procedures and activities, both in the fields of traditional energy, renewable energy and in projects in the field of infrastructure.

This activity includes the design and construction of engagements and agreements between suppliers and consumers of various types in the field of energy and infrastructure; design and establishment of partnerships, joint ventures, and engagements of various types in these fields; engagements in construction agreements, contractorship and EPC; Accompanying complex tender procedures in this field; and project financing transactions.

Our activity in the field of energy and infrastructure includes both handling the commercial and contractual aspects as well as consulting and handling the regulatory aspects and dealing with regulators and administrative authorities.

The issues we deal with in the field of energy and infrastructure include, among others – the field of LPG (condensed hydrocarbon gas, “cooking gas”); the field of natural gas, including marketing and distribution of natural gas from the distribution network, and compressed natural gas (CNG) for industry and transportation; The oil field; the electricity field, including transactions for the purchase of electricity; the solar energy (PV) field, including the initiation and establishment of projects in the field of electricity production using photovoltaic – solar technology.

Banking and Guarantees

Dealing with negotiations and debt settlements with banks, representation in courts defending against lawsuits brought on by banks and representation in lawsuits against banks. Providing legal advice and litigation housing protection, stopping the realization of mortgages and submitting objections to the execution of checks and promissory notes by private creditors and non-bank lenders (“the gray market”).

Providing opinions, advice, accompanying and dealing with liabilities arising from signing guarantees. Protection of guarantors from bank claims and claims of non-bank lenders, while specializing in new consumer law provisions that protect guarantors.

Liquidations, Bankruptcies and Creditor Arrangements

Liquidation of companies, conducting investigations against officers, claims for personal liability of officers to the company’s debts and defense against these types of claims. Handling the submission of debt claims and negotiations with the trustee / liquidator / receiver. Requests for company creditor arrangements and stay of proceedings. Formulation of creditor arrangements, accompaniment in negotiations with creditors, creditor meetings and formulation of settlement proposals. Handling the submission of applications for creditor arrangements of private individuals prior to issuing a collection order, handling the submission of applications for bankruptcy, delaying execution procedures, creditor arrangements and issuing dismissal orders.