About Us

Our office provides comprehensive legal advice and treatment in the field of commercial law in its various branches as well as in the areas related to it.

Our office is a boutique office specializing in the field of commercial law, providing comprehensive legal advice, care and representation in the field of commercial law in its various branches as well as in areas related to it.
Our main and central specialization is commercial litigation. We have extensive expertise and experience in managing disputes and complex legal proceedings of various types in all areas of commercial law. We strive to manage the legal proceedings for our clients in a way that will yield them the greatest benefit in the most efficient manner.
We also specialize is the field of energy and infrastructure. In this field, we have expertise and extensive experience in handling transactions, accompanying business processes and activities, and dealing with regulators and administrative authorities, in the fields of traditional energy, renewable energy and in infrastructure projects.
We also specialize in banking. In this area, we are engaged in representing guarantors and clients against banks, entering into creditor arrangements, and handling dissolutions and stay of proceedings.
Furthermore, we accompany corporations and businesspersons in a variety of business activities. In this framework, we handle both our clients’ ongoing business activities and events that require special legal treatment, such as: various complex transactions, e.g.: investment transactions, mergers and acquisitions; as well as other various and varied transactions and business processes.
These specializations are based on the expertise we have gained in the various areas of law related to business and economic activity, including – corporate law, contract law, securities law, property and real estate law, administrative law, planning and construction law, competition law (antitrust), banking law and liens, guarantee of meetings, liquidations and creditor arrangements, tenders law, labor law, means of payment, property tax and more.
The main values on which our firm is built are legal excellence, a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, and full commitment to achieving the client’s goals and objectives.
Accordingly, we make every effort to provide our clients with the best, appropriate, creative, and most effective legal treatment, while constantly striving to maximize the benefits that can be derived from any given situation.
We believe that the ability to find the appropriate legal solution, and if necessary – the creative one, and to provide the best legal service lies in the combination of three factors: a thorough understanding of the business-economic sphere in which the client operates; Extensive practical experience in legal accompaniment of businesses, handling transactions and managing commercial litigation procedures; and in-depth and intensive academic-research engagement in the relevant fields of law. Therefore, we strive for excellence in these three factors and in their combination.
Our office is a young and dynamic office that is characterized by great commitment and dedication to the client, the highest level of service and support, and an uncompromising pursuit of achieving their goals.
Our firm is consistently ranked by DUNS 100 and BDI CODE as a leading firm in the fields of commercial litigation, energy and infrastructure and commercial law.