Legal Excellency.
Obligation and dedication to the client.

Bar-Kahan, Zigenlaub & Co.

Our office is a boutique firm specializing in commercial law that guarantees comprehensive legal service in the field of commercial law and its different branches and linked areas.
Our main expertise are commercial litigation, commercial transactions, energy and infrastructure, and banking and guarantees.
We make every effort to provide our clients with the most efficient and creative legal solutions that meet their needs.
We maintain personal relations with our clients, complete availability, dedication, and obligation to the client.
Our office is consistently ranked by DUNS 100 and BDI CODE as a leading office in the commercial litigation, commercial law and energy and infrastructure fields.

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Commercial Litigation

Managing disputes and legal procedures in different legal courts and arbitrations.

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Ongoing Legal Consulting to Corporates and Business Clients

Close, daily, and consistent legal support, in accordance with the client’s needs.

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Commercial Deals and Different Business Procedures

Treating, accompanying, and managing negotiations in deals and different kinds of business procedures.

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Energy and Infrastructure

Managing deals and projects and accompanying procedures and business activities in the renewable and traditional energy fields, and in the infrastructure field.

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Banking and Guarantee

Managing negotiations and debt restructuring opposite banks, representation in court against lawsuits brought on by banks.

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Liquidations, bankruptcy, and creditors arrangements

Liquidating companies, conducting interrogations against officers, filing claims for personal liability of officers for the company’s debts

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