About The Firm

Our firm provides across-the-board legal advice and service in the various fields of commercial law, including related fields.

As part of this, the firm provides services to corporations and businessmen in a variety of commercial activities. The firm handles various ongoing business activities and transactions being carried out by its clients, as well as matters requiring special legal handling, such as: mergers, acquisitions, transactions and other diverse business processes. The firm also specializes in litigation before the various judicial instances as well as in arbitrations.

We specialize in the various legal fields relating to business and financial activity, such as: corporate law, contract laws, the laws of banking and liens, guarantee laws, administrative law, property and real estate laws, planning and construction laws, laws relating to the capital market, antitrust laws, receiverships, liquidations and creditors’ arrangements, tender laws, labor laws, means of payment, municipal rates (arnona), and more.

Our firm enjoys unique expertise in the fields of energy and alternative energy, retail trade, banking and guarantees, investment houses and provident funds.

We invest our best efforts to provide our clients with the best, most creative and most efficient legal handling, constantly striving to maximize the benefits to be extracted from any given set of circumstances.

We believe that the ability to find the most appropriate legal solution, and, where required, the most creative one, and to provide the optimal legal service, comes from the combination of three factors: a thorough understanding of the business and economic environment in which the client operates; extensive practical experience in the provision of legal counsel to businesses with regard to the handling of transactions and commercial litigation proceedings; and finally, a thorough and intensive theoretical-research involvement in the relevant legal fields. Accordingly, we strive to excel in these three areas and to bring them together.

Our firm is a young and dynamic firm, characterized by a strong commitment and dedication to our clients and by uncompromisingly striving to achieve our clients’ goals.

The firm is a boutique firm, with about 11 lawyers of which 4 are partners, the firm’s current partners are advocates Dr. Roy Bar-Kahan, Israeal Zigenlaub,  Klara Fonarov and Tzvi Schwartz.

Our Location

144a Begin Rd. (Midtown Tower, 43rd floor)
Tel Aviv, Israel 6492124

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